The website is incompletely displayed and is cut off

Solution: You need a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.

Moving elements on a page don't run smoothly

Probably your internet connection is too slow. Modem and ISDN connections can cause delay.

Solution: A broadband connection with at least 1000 kbit is recommended.

The website looks scrambled

Solution: To watch the website you need a modern browser. Presently these are supported:

  • Mozilla Firefox from version 1.5
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 6.0
  • Opera from version 8.5

Here you can get the latest version of the Firefox browser free of charge.

Installation of Flash with Mozilla Firefox

You have just installed the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, but the selected page has not been displayed yet – a message is shown

"Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page."


"Click here to download plugin".

Solution: Click on "Install Missing Plugins...".
Confirm the choice of "Adobe Flash Player" by clicking on "Next" und agree to the software licence. Please follow the the instructions of your browser to install the Flash plugins automatically.

Insufficient rights for installing

Solution: If you receive the error message that you are not authorized enough to install Flash Player or the Firefox browser please consult your system administrator bacause you need to have sufficient rights for this installation on your system.

You see a white area instead of your selected page

Clicking on a menu item you are only shown a white page instead of its contents.

Lösung: You additionally need Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Player from version 8. Die aktuelle Version können Sie sich Here you can download the latest version free of charge.

Error when trying to open a page: An Active X control is missing

You receive the message:
"This site might require the following ActiveX control: 'Adobe Flash Player' from 'Adobe Systems Incorporated'. Click here to install ..."


"Click here to install the following ActiveX control 'Adobe Flash Player' from  'Adobe Systems Incorporated'..."

Solution: Install the respective Active X module, by follwing the instructions of your browser.

Page is not displayed - security settings do not allow to use ActiveX controls

When opening a page with the Internet Explorer you receive a message under the address bar as follows:

"Your security settings do not allow Web sites to use ActiveX controls installed on your computer. This page may not display correctly. Click here for options..."

Solutions: You have chosen the security stage "High",  please adjust the stage, by setting the option "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" to "Enable"  or activate the security stage "Medium".

Adobe® Reader does not react, the PDF is not shown.

Solution: Open Acrobat Reader, then select "Preferences" in menu "Edit". Click on "Internet" and remove tick for "Display PDF in browser".